Saturday, December 20, 2014

Meditation: how to not

Too long between sit downs, cross legged at the gilded feet of a sculpted, iconic representation of the ideal reality of Gautama Buddha. (sitting in meditation pose) (I don't have a photo for you! Go search Google!)

So, after a couple of months of being too busy to attend, today finally everything slots into place perfectly, I'm free at just the right time and I head off to the temple for a two hour session... (Yep 2 hours! It's like a bloody marathon for me, after which I can be staggering out like a punch drunk boxer!). I drive into the parking lot and once again see only one other car. It belongs to Sensei.

Usually I'd just slope into the room drop my keys, wallet and phone in the bowl of worldly distractions, grunt my greetings, grab a cushion and join in wherever the group or Sensei is at... (If he's there on his own he could be already reaching for his own keys and wallet, hoping to go home and chill out in front of the Telly.) But I'd already seen the old guy just two days earlier and I'm starting to wonder if he's suspecting me of stalking or hero worship or some devious attempt to weasel my way into his favor. So I literally turned on my heals before I reached the door and got straight back into the car.

Now I had a few things I needed to do before going home so I set out to do something productive... Damn I'd rather listen to the Stones on the car stereo than be sitting cross legged detaching from the clumsy imitation of a bad Marx Brothers movie, my mental self commentary of who I think I am or waiting to find out who I truly am or, who am I?

I head off down McMillans Rd (one of our few major roads) not too sure where I'm going now, but the music is good! Volume UP! 'Sympathy for the Devil' pumping, see a hitch hiker who has just emerged from the Airport exit road, pull hard to the left open the door and now my course is set. Mitchel Street of course, that's where they always ask to go. That's where the hostels are at. Overpriced sweaty and crowded share rooms! Had a nice chat for 15 minutes, it's always a bit surreal meeting travelers who have just arrived and aren't really sure where they've landed or what's in store for them. Its an interesting way to escape the monotony of my own life and a good chance to court... chance? I didn't catch the fellas name. From Switzerland, speaks French, was here over 40 years ago... Usually the brief 15 minute ride is long enough to get a glimpse into a traveler's life, or itinerary... Of course the itinerary is only the story we carry around with us to avoid the panic of realizing we have absolutely no idea what may happen next! But... as Paul Kelly wrote and sings 'Every Fucking City'.

Now back to not meditating. I don't know why it takes me so long to tell a very simple story! OK here we are. What I did instead of meditating! I went for a drive, listened to loud Rock and Roll music, picked up a hitch hiker, grabbed a bottle of Pepsi Max and a pack of Salt and Vinegar chips, washed hand fulls of chips down with the Pepsi on my way to check out a video game shop! And that is how I do not meditate!

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Chandra said...

Merry Christmas, David!
Peace :)