Monday, July 13, 2015

A new Home

Damnit! I missed a whole month (more) of blogging.
Too busy, working and moving and working and moving and working.... literally...

A week of logistical management, cooking, cleaning, driving, booking flights and all that... followed by a couple of weeks of trying to shift 17 years worth of life into another house, consoling wife and kids along the way.... followed by another week and a half of 15 hours or more per day of the same kind of logistical stuff I do for a living, followed by, what I thought would be a break but turned out to be a combination of helping a friend move house and sorting out logistical crap unexpectedly for work again... There were some ordinary moments in amongst it which I owed my family since I'd accrued a serious time debt...

And now here I am somewhere down the line in the middle of July and finally get a chance to sit at my computer and I'm so stuffed all I can post is a picture of a blue winged kookaburra on the clothes line of my new place... and the Double barred finch who's eggs he stole!


Trevor Woodford said...

After all the upheaval I hope that life settles down for you now David... also, welcome back to the blogosphere.

Chandra Eswaran said...

Welcome back, Peter!
I am happy to see you posting again.
Nice photos of lovely birds!
Moving is tough.
Lesser the better, unless you can haul it all in your trunk or better yet on a bicycle :)
Have a Wonderful Day!
Peace :)

David J said...

Whew... it never ends! But yes life is becoming more normalish... You probably won't understand this at all given where you are from Trevor, but we are absolutely loving the cool breezes that blow through our house in the coldest July I can remember having for a long long time. 15 degrees(C) at night and below 30 during the day is absolute bliss!

David J said...

Hey Thanks Chandra. Yeh it sure was stressful trying to juggle moving, family and work commitments but all done now!
Finally enjoying it all now.