Friday, July 31, 2015


Blue moon. The moon. It's a Blue Moon today. Not blue in colour but the name is stuck and it comes around less frequently than my bad luck... Blue.... Moon... It's the second moon in the month!

It's just so beautiful. The great waters flow and do not stagnate while the moon looks down on the earth... Great silvery weight in the sky shall not fall, not to ground or at all but to cast your cool light on paths late at night... moon, friend when we travel and loved by the night walkers by your light we shall see.

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GreenComotion said...

Hi Peter,
Sorry I haven't seen your updates in a while now.
The photographs of the Blue Moon are fascinating and very beautiful.
If you like, please check out the song, "Blue Moon of Kentucky" by either Bill Monroe or Elvis.
And, Have a Happy Week!
Peace :)