Sunday, August 23, 2015

Moonlight Ride

Super moon expected on the 30th August...

Plan: Cycle 130 km from shore to shore by the light of the moon, commencing by the sea at moon rise till I reach the sea again 6 or so hours later.

Not sure which bike I'll ride, probably not the one with the skinny tyres.
If I ride solo I'll do most of the trip in silence... But just in case I manage to muster some company I've arranged a bit of a playlist to take along... just need to sort out some amplification...

Will also include my 'Night' play list and the bicycle song and Fat bottomed girls by Queen.

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David J said...

Depart Cullen Bay 4:00pm
Arive Mandorah approx 4:20pm
High tide 4:18pm
Moon Rise 4:14pm
Sunset 6:43pm
Civil twilight ends 7:04pm
Distance of Ride aprox 135km.
Available daylight aproximately 2.5 hours.
Duration of journey - aprox 8 hours.

Chance of rain 5%