Thursday, August 18, 2016

Losing it... for what?

My mind boggles and my heart breaks at the absurdity of our compartmentalized lives and the will for destruction of everything in the pursuit of personal gain!

I've just been reading a book titled 'Requiem for a Species', in which the very real, immediate and dire consequences of Global Warming are laid out with absolute clarity, yet when I step outside my door in the morning I look around and discover it's business as usual for all who should be concerned.

To rub salt into the would caused by the indifference of human beings. I cycle every day through bushland I have come to love only to find that it too is being devoured by the economic growth machine!

I have cried and I do cry when I witness what they are doing to the earth and to this place which I have a very real and very personal connection to. It seems no place may go unmolested in the age of mass consumption.

Images below are of land I am close to and ride through every day. I hope to document the beauty and the destruction over the coming months. If I had the power I would stop them, but I think I'd have all the impact of an insect against a windscreen.

Open woodland right beside current construction site.... about to be flattened! (16/08/16)

Native bee gathering pollen from Spear Grass flowers (Photo taken Wet season early 2016)

Spreading earth only meters away from the only Native Gardenia tree I've seen in Darwin (16/08/16)

The thin dirt path where Grevillia Grove used to be (Aug 2016)

Concrete pour (17/08/16)

Wildlife, bio diversity, beauty and all those things we think make life more tolerable on this planet aside. If we take the warnings of climate scientists seriously, then large scale construction needs to stop! Over consumption needs to stop! All our efforts must be turned to finding ways to live in a carbon neutral (or carbon negative) lifestyle or there will be no future for us.


Chandra@GreenComotion said...

"Will they keep on building until there is no more room up there?".
Peace :)

David J said...

Great lyrics! Sadly I think yes.