Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Morning paddle

Just a quick post to say I had a fantastic time on the water this morning!

7 am paddle with 3 guys I really admire!

They are part of a special group of kayakers I know, all over 70 years old!

I was honored to be invited to come out kayaking with them about a year ago. When I thanked them someone muttered under his breath something about croc bait... (lol... always the jokers... But seriously I'd rather not be sent ahead on every trip!)

This morning a couple of the guys hoisted their sails and I got to see their sailing rigs in action. Brilliant!

We were also lucky enough to come across small pod of dolphins hunting fish off Mindil Beach again, second time in the past month!

I'd love to write more about them but I haven't asked their permission so this is just a sneaky post to show off some pictures of what the occasional morning looks like for me!

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Kate Fern said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my bog, which reminds me to come and check out yours! Fabulous photos of being on the water, sounds like you're loving it. Personally I hate boats and prefer to view the water from the safety of the nightcliff foot/bike path!! Best wishes :)