Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Hothouse Flowers - #NoDAPL

Yesterday The US Army Corps of Engineers has denied easement for the Dakota Access Pipeline. Water Protectors are celebrating this as a victory and it is in a sense, however this situation will be far from over since corporations have routinely ignored the law with regard to drilling with or without permission. With the world watching it seems to me we are at a threshold moment where the US Government will be put to the test to see if they defend the rights of the people over the ambitions of a corporation. Fining Energy Transfer Partners for noncompliance will not be an acceptable outcome. Knowing their intention to drill regardless of law, surely police should be deployed to stop them. What happens next will define the credibility of the US democracy and what level of action will be necessary for ‘The People’ to be heard.

This situation is very exciting!

Water Protectors, you have exposed the Achilles Heel of this and all corporations! This is important! This latest news is  a  victory but it will lay bare just how desperate and vulnerable their system is!

The corporation are desperate to flex their muscles but what you have revealed is that their Power is actually their weakness! They are a Goliath who can be brought down!

We see corporations functioning on an illogical model of perpetual growth that is ultimately doomed to failure.  They amass huge wealth by convincing people that they can continue to expand their wealth exponentially year by year, yet the resources they rely upon are finite and dwindling, they seek to cut costs by reducing environmental safeguards and lowering employment standards and pay.

Corporations depend on posting record annual profits just to maintain shareholder confidence. The problem is that they have often white anted their own value by reducing quality of service and overestimating the value of their stock. Although they are experts at shuffling resources around to cover deficits, I reckon it must leave them fairly vulnerable to a combination of loss of revenue and bad press (lack of consumer confidence)

The stock market is based entirely on consumption and is devoid of humanity, shareholders have no loyalty they are interested only in profit, the ideology is entirely greed based. Greed and amassed wealth has been the strength of corporations but is the very thing that will bring them down.

Through their investment in lobbyists and the favours they buy via political donations they have created an artificial environment which they depend on for their survival. Fossil fuel Corporations may appear robust and invincible but in fact they are like hot house flowers sheltered from the realities of the real world. The world which ordinary people inhabit, an environment which is much leaner, requires prudence, resilience, and the ability to survive on very little materially. We are hungry for change, and the cost of continuing with Oil has already proven far too costly!

 When we (people) stand up for our family, our friends and our land we find ourselves in a situation that we are compelled, no matter what our belief systems, to turn to a source of strength beyond what we can summon on our own. We draw on our spiritual resources which when accessed can withstand hardship beyond the discomfort any ‘shareholder’ is willing to endure.

Bravo to the Water Protectors at Standing Rock! With a disciplined and peaceful approach you have managed to avoid giving ‘Law enforcement’ officers a mandate to openly attack you, something I imagine the company, and government might have hoped to happen. You have delayed the progress of their pipeline adding unplanned expense to their project which will cost them the confidence of shareholders and affect the profitability of the company; It will make them look bad. You have disrupted their financial supply chain through divestment… and you have applied pressure to your elected representatives, which I imagine embarrassed the hell out of them and caused them to backflip in the face of huge public backlash.

You have stood toe to toe with men and women who would use violence against you and you have been a mirror into their own souls. Your courage has turned hearts and will haunt those who have committed shameful acts against you.

I am sure the corporation will do all it can to ensure the pipeline continues despite the declaration by the State not to approve the easement. The corporation may even turn on the Government since they expect full compliance from politicians to grease the tracks for them. What happens next could make all the difference. It’s likely Government officials are looking for every way possible not to upset the company. You have shaken the foundations of their towers! They now know how dangerous you are and they will likely retaliate and lash out in their desperation. Do not lose hope! Be brave! God bless you. We are with you!

(Disclaimer, I have no credentials or professional expertise in the area of politics or finance, everything I’ve written is from my na├»ve perspective as a person caught between the wheels of a corporatized world. I am just a human watching the world implode around himself, who has caught a glimpse of something miraculous!)

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