Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Narcisistic annoyance

Re: Blogging and the search for accurate self appraisal via 'blogger' statistical feedback data.

Someone in France is seriously frigging around with my blog stats! Blowing my page views out by 1,000s! Seriously that pisses me off!

I estimate that I have a legitimate audience or about 5 maybe 6 regulars (No that is not including myself!) and the occasional visitor to my blog who somehow managed to locate it via one of the less cryptic titles I've attached to a post, which may actually have spurred some like minded interest. I expect to get around 100 page views per month and I'm fine with that, but, for the past several months my page views have been going through the roof and the the little map thing in my Stats traffic page consistently highlights France as the biggest viewer, for a while it was Russia but it appears the hacker/spammer or whatever the freak it is, has moved to a French server. This is deeply distressing to my narcissistic desire for actual attention! 

It's the bloomin French!
Just another way god sticks his middle finger up at my vain attempts to appease ego's insatiable desire for recognition. Ha! 

Bastards! (The french spambot hacker... not you God)

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