Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Crawling start

It’s a crawling start for me into this New Year I just can’t quite commit to it. 
Not sure what options I’ll have, to live in it, in any kind of meaningful or even tolerable way.
It’s pretty well universally accepted that the world has gone mad, You know, politics and all that stuff. 
I did have a thought that before I give up completely I’d make a pilgrimage to stand with the humans in North Dakota only to discover today that a man with my surname lead the charge at Wounded Knee! There must be something… 
Riding back from the waterhole - Special place last year
The Old Man at GanGan East Arnhem passed away at the end of last year, thought I’d show my respects and then hitch a ride somewhere quiet in freshwater country, find the guku (honey) from native bees and wait for it all to blow over… but it's not the right time for wild honey... and so it goes.

During my recent week off work I did watch 'Dogs in Space'. a sexy romanticized slide into the 1980s Punk life in Melbourne. Maybe I could have fallen in with the punks if I were just a bit older at the time… and not thoroughly ensconced in the bogan heartland, but I doubt it. I didn't have enough hate for either.

I’ve been thinking a bit of a friend who was tragically killed when hit by a car while she was crossing a Darwin road back in 2012.
Her name was Vikki! A true raver. At the beginning of a new year I tend to think of lost friends, and my thoughts recently have been of Vikki. I regret that she left the scene just when I was getting to know her. Ironically the last time I saw her she had spent some time telling me a whole bunch of stories about her various lives. 
Thinking of Vikkit today, I thought I'd dig around online, she’d had a pretty eventful life, there must be something left of her. Anyway I discovered that Vikki had written a scathing review of the previously mentioned cult film of the 80s “Dogs in Space” which I don't mind saying I like (the movie I mean, I haven't read her review. 
(Vikki was scathing of pretty much everything, you couldn't know her and not get an earful.)
She wrote the scathing review because she was a prolific writer and columnist…. and also because by nature she was quite scathing in her opinions… of pretty much everything, she was also a Punk which jointly gives her license to be scathing, as well as authority by experience. (By definition her review couldn't have been anything else) So anyway I found a recording of her singing in a punk band by the name of SLUB. Here it is: 

 God Bless you and keep you till sanity returns, or something else transpires.


GreenComotion said...

Hey David-
Happy New Year.
I am sorry about the loss of your friend.
I am still writing.
If you like, please update your link to
Thanks for your continued patronage.

David J said...

Thanks Chandra, It seems like I've lost an inordinate number of friends over the past few years. Life is an oddity in that way, we miss them and it seems there's a big hole where they used to be but ultimately we are all only here fore the blink of an eye... The oddity may not be death but life itself.

Funny about your blog. I've got that same web address saved in my blogger account but hadn't been receiving updates. That's OK. I'll remember to look it up.