Monday, March 06, 2017

Flowing dilutant

Here in Darwin we endured the first tropical cyclone for the season. This meme has been doing the rounds, it pretty much sums up the level of threat we faced.
(republished without permission... sorry dude, how the hell am I supposed to find the source of a meme?!)

Wind speeds got up to about 75kmh... there was a bit of extra rain but we're resilient up here and people seemed to take the hardship in their stride. A couple of trees and shrubs lost weaker limbs... pretty much what you'd expect with the termite problem up here.

With a bit of extra rain around I thought I'd check out upstream Rapid creek (Gurambai)on my way to work this morning. I just wanted to see some fresh water in the creek for a change.

Upper pool

Flood mitigation weir

I entered the reserve from the path behind the dodgy detention camp / workers quarters on the airport side of the creek. There were quite a few fallen branches and trees but the track reasonably clear of debris from flooding. Clear water was flowing over the causeway from the Marrarra wetlands and I could see easily to the bottom at the top pool. Small fish were enjoying the increased flow and for a moment I imagined the place to be a pristine paradise. 
(Sorry, Never miss an opportunity to include a photo of the bike)

Feeling inspired by a couple of really great blogs from writers in Victoria which I’ve been following I thought I’d have a go at writing a page or maybe a series of posts on the Rapid Creek (Gurambai). Water Is Life Yeh? So what better to write about than the role of this particular creek? 

Possibly nothing will appear here for some time, I'm considering actually researching this one, whether or not that happens remains to be seen.

Just a beautiful tree, poor quality image but I like it

If you'd like a good read and are interested in rivers, history or connection to place you may like to visit: 

Created by The Yallambie Guy (anon)

Created by Jo M from Geelong.

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