Monday, March 06, 2017

Oceans a plenty

This morning I purchased two tins of sandwich tuna.....

I felt kinda bad about it.

As I was ruling pencil lines on the pages of accounts yet to be paid, between the last grey line and the first figure marked in Red I thought to myself:

I am the owner of two tins containing the remains of a Pelagic fish of the deep, a fish from the ocean, a mighty powerful swimmer, muscular and fast, streamline and smooth. Chopped up and steamed and shoved into a tin and sold at half price, only a dollar per can, each with one chili.

A fraction of one hour's pay, delicious to eat, impossible to free.
Do I need it? 

How many tuna remain?

I wish they'd have left that fish in the sea!

Latest report says there are millions of fish turning up dead. The cause...? Radiation poisoning! Fukashima Fallout Fish.
Thought comes to mind of a decadent restaurant at the end of the universe where for the price of an ordinary life you can enjoy the exotic culinary delights of a world gone to hell!

"Fukashima Tuna Sushi, come eat the last fish in the sea."

Will I die from radiation sickness before I eat the last fish? 

The question has to be asked, do we love creation enough to leave some fish in the sea? Or would it be kinder to kill and eat them all?

(Apologies for the self indulgent rant... Disclaimer: 'I'm not on drugs')

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