Thursday, October 19, 2017

Ride to work Day 2017

So apparently yesterday was Ride to Work Day.

Not sure how influential this special day designed to encourage workers to ride their bikes has been but I reckon whatever efforts are made to encourage people to get out on their bikes can’t be a bad idea. So for me it was just another day but I did take the scenic rout to work. 

Here’s some photos. 

At the mouth of Rapid Creek
My trusty Shogun Katana still up to the job


GreenComotion said...

Hi David-
Great photos and glad that note you took the scenic route to work.
Sometimes, it is important to enjoy the ride via the scenic route, especially if not pressed for time.
So, does that Rapid Creek join the ocean? Nice view!
I also love the flower placed on the rock.
Very cool photo!
Have a Happy Day!
Peace :)

David J said...

Hi Chandra,
Oddly I your comment found it’s way to my spam filter, even more oddly I happened to check my spam filter, something I’ve possibly only done about five times in as many years!
Yes as far as possible I like to take the path least likely to get me to work in the most direct way. ;) It’s only the detours that keep my heart beating. So much as routine becomes, do I die by equal degrees. The flower is a beach hibiscus; I think it fell there for me. To remind me of that line from the Desiderata “…With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world..”