Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How will I use my Blog?

Well I have been blogging for just two months now and am beginning to wonder what is the purpose of my blog. I think it is a means of self-expression that enables me to project my thoughts, feelings and experience out into the world via the Internet.
However it does not replace real experiences nor is it an alternative to facing the daily challenges of life. I think good blogs are a way of extrapolating from simple experiences an essence of creativity that has the power to inspire and encourage (or something like that).
Therefore I have decided to apply a practical purpose to my blog (sometimes).
My wife recently complained that I am always talking about things I want to do. There is so much out there to captures my imagination, I rarely get a chance to begin a new project and my life is already crammed full as it is. So she suggested that I make a list. What a great idea! So I thought about it and realized that I can use this blog as inspiration to try new things and document or at least report on my experience while attempting various projects! The Rosella Jam was a good one to start with. I got a great feeling from doing that and it gave me something to write about.
The parameters will be simple there will be no deadlines or quota for things done. I will simply be having a go at various things that interest me and keeping a rough record of these things on this blog, when I feel like it.

Repair the Chair

Old Chair

To begin with I would like to repair this old wooden chair that I found at the dump shop. It is much worse than it looks. It seems like every joint is split and the upholstory framework is pretty rough.

Disclaimer: I do not promise to complete any of these projects in order or infact to finish them at all.

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