Saturday, January 05, 2008

Cyclone Helen

There was a cyclone in the Top end of the Norther Territory last night. It was called Helen. It reached category 2 and we received some rough weather, gails and rain.

down trees
Shallow roots, rain and wind = fallen down trees

Fallen tree
Damaged fence

Swimmers enjoying an unusual swell
Swimmers enjoying some wave action

surfing at Nightcliff
A rare chance to surf

Choppy weather
Ooh look "Waves poonding on Rocks!" (Apologies to Billy Connolly)


Cookiemouse said...

Some awesome pictures there.

David J said...

Thanks Leighton.
They're kind of only snap shots but hopefully I will learn how to make the most from my new hardware.

Cookiemouse said...

I'm just starting myself. The Canon EOS 400D is an easy camera to be lazy with because it does so much for you. It's a joy to work with.