Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Tagalong cycling

About two months ago I managed to find a replacement for my Raleigh mountain bike with the 54cm (Large) frame. This was my favorite second hand bike, it gave up the ghost last year with busted everything. I used it for everything from bush riding to carrying all kinds of loads like the shopping, transporting my child and carrying bike bits from the tip. It was fairly heavy but it rode beautifully and had just the right sized frame for me to be totally comfortable on it.

The old Raleigh loaded up for a picnic

So by chance I found another one almost identical but with better gears. So I bought it and have been riding it for the past couple of months. Until last night that is.

Old Raleigh and it's replacement

I was on my way home after visiting family when I thought I felt the rear tire give way! I stopped to check it out and found it hard as a rock! Then I gave the wheel a wobble to see if I'd forgotten to tighten the axle nuts. They were tight as they should be but the whole rear wheel slid from side to side along the axle!
I have no idea what caused this and haven't had a chance to investigate but it meant I had to leave the bike at home today and resort to riding my cruiser!

The dodgy wheel

Front wheel in motion
(My first attempt at an animated gif)

The cruiser is set up with an Alleycat tagalong rider thingy for a kid to ride. Ideally I was going to wait until my child was a bit older but crunch time had arrived. I had no other options (that appealed to me as much).

So we hit the road on our Beach-Alleycat-cruiser mobile and had a ball! We have to take it easy until my little mate is used to the ride but I doubt it will take long. This is a fun bike to ride!

parked bike
Cruiser and lil Alleycat

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