Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Looking for alternative transport

My idea to own a bicycle rickshaw/becak/pedicab (or whatever else you may know them as) continues! I recently contacted a guy in Melbourne regarding a Christiania bike. They are quite expensive but offer a practical transport alternative that I may be able to rig up to take a baby capsule....

The bike situation at home is becoming a little out of hand (my wife tells me).
Just when I thought I'd managed to re-home another of my salvaged bikes another great deal came my way.
The other day as I was riding to the blood bank I happened across an old Dunlop mountain bike thrown on top of a bunch of other junk headed for the tip. As I peddled back to work I couldn't resist the temptation to grab it and pushed it back to work.

It was filthy and the tires had completely perished but it had all the basic components and the wheels turned without a buckle. Over the past week whenever I've had a spare moment from my domestic new Dad duties I've gone out and done a little work to get the bike back into order.

So far I've cleaned and re-packed the centre bracket and front wheel with grease, replaced the tires and tubes, cleaned the grime off as much as I could then cut and polished the frame, ground all the rust out of the rear rim and oiled the surface to prevent further rusting and I've oiled the chain. I ran out of time so didn't bother re-packing the rear wheel but it seems to work fine for now.

Dried bearings, rusted rims and tires perished

The Dunlop beside another bike I recently passed on to a workmate

After I cleaned her up, ground the rust out of the rims and gave some grease, new tires and tubes this little bike turned out to be a great ride! the wide rims give heaps of stability so I think my friend, who hasn't ridden for a while, will feel very comfortable on this little mule.
I really like the one piece cranks! They are so easy to fix! Although they are a sure sign of a cheep bike they are also very practical and reliable! The newer 'very cheep bikes' have more elaborate crank systems which invariably fail and are much harder to replace or repair!
(Oops I forgot to oil the chain!)

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Cookiemouse said...

David, you are becoming a real Amsterdammer! Good luck with your search for the ideal bike. My new Cookiebike is riding well through all our wet weather.