Thursday, March 06, 2008

Erratum: Visual obstruction

I must apologize for an error I made in my last post.
Thanks to Annie at Bicycle NT I have been informed that the palm tree identified by the boy as a hazard was not the one that I assumed it to be.
Annie forwarded me an email yesterday with a response from the Department of Planning and Infrastructure to inform her, and I guess myself, that they did in fact prune the tree that was identified through the NT News. So the tree that I have photographed is in fact a completely different one in another location (that does look remarkably similar to the one in the paper).

Thanks to the DPI for responding so promptly and for making their web page available for reporting cycle path hazards.

As the email also stated that cyclists should use the DPI online reporting tool (which I did) rather than blogging about the problem, (which I also did and will continue to do) I thought I'd post a link here just in case anyone knows of more of these trees.

This link is for reporting hazards on bike paths overseen by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure in the Northern Territory, if your road is not identified it may be under the jurisdiction of the local council or some other body.

I must say that it is a little disturbing to think that there may be more of these rogue trees in our town... I recently watched Day of the Triffids so naturally I am highly suspicious of plants being where they don't belong! They can be very dangerous...


Cookiemouse said...

The triffids are coming, ha, ha!

Theresa said...

eh, even if it was the wrong one, it's still a big deal, and I think it's worth blogging about! It made me think of all the dangerous intersections I come up to thanks to overgrown bushes and trees.

PS--you should go vegan! It's the best!