Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A garden plot

Down at the Patch there's been a bit of activity.
The garden is flourishing and it's nearly time to plant our vegetables.

I haven't had time to visit very often and the allotment is only attended once or twice a week but hopefully this will change soon. There has been a fair bit of interest in the site and larger groups have been visiting.

Red Bananas
Red bananas (I think they are for cooking)

snake beans 2
Snake beans on a tripod of native bamboo

The plan now, will be to encourage school groups and individuals to come down and create their own vegetable gardens and get some activity down there over the dry season. There's plenty of potential for this site and we will need to act fast to show the council that urban agriculture will be of great benefit to our community in the future. Unfortunately with two small kids and a full time job, the time I can devote to this project is severely limited but you never know what interest might rise around a great idea.

I had some grand ideas about using folia to link our gardeners up and as a means of showing parents the great work their children have done down at the patch but time is scarce and no one has shown much interest yet so it will remain on the drawing board until others show some interest.

Oh and I've also been thinking a bit, as I look out my office window, about how much space is wasted on rooftops. I know people have created functioning rooftop gardens but haven't yet read much on the subject. There are heaps of spaces where I work that would make excellent gardens. A favorite rooftop spot just outside my office window always collects a thin film of water. When I'm feeling particularly uninspired I gaze out over the horizontal plane and imagine it as a rice padi... (it works for me)

Roof-top horticulture?
Rice padi rooftop?

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