Saturday, March 22, 2008

The moon on Good Friday

On the night of Good Friday, we had a full moon.
It was nice.

It's just floating there like that! Reminds me of a song... "Lets swim to the Moon"

Full Moon...


Cookiemouse said...

Happy Easter!

ian said...

Great photo... I've never had much luck with moon pics, despite using a tele lens and taking hundreds of shots... the eclipse last year was a dismal failure :-(

David J said...

I could never get a good one either. Last year I made a complete mess of a great moon. My moon shots usually come out blurry and with too much glow.
For this one I used a 300 mm lens on a tripod and had the camera set on manual with a shutter speed of about 100 and iso on 100, the aperture was about 5, I still had to crop it. I don't know what it was that made these photos work but I was pretty pleased with the, they could do with a bit more sharpness but I'm not complaining.