Monday, March 23, 2009

Dragonfly = change of season.

The change of seasons in the Wet/Dry Tropics region of the Northern Territory has some fairly obvious indicators... Although I have not learned all the sighs that indicate the more subtle differences of our 6 seasons, I am becoming more aware of some signs. The change in wind direction is a reasonably reliable sign.

We Balanda are generally only aware of two seasons or at best three. According to most people I speak to there is a Wet and a Dry season. Those who have been around for a while know the period between Dry and Wet as THE BUILD UP! (It's a rather hot humid time with no rain and can be extremely uncomfortable)
My senses tell me that we are now in a very special season! More days of blue sky are appearing as the monsoon departs and the clouds are blown away by southerly winds. It's still hot, the ground is drying out but the foliage is still quite green. Everywhere trees are flowering and the Spear Grass is stretching high to reach it's maturity the seed ripening stage. Native fruits are becoming abundant and there is a flush of fertility and life. This season is known by Yolngu People of East Arnhem Land as Mirdawarr

(Dragonfly drawing, by a child... acutely aware that new things are appearing)

One other indicator of a change in seasons is the appearance of Dragonflys!
I'd say by the feel of things that Mirdawarr is now with us.

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