Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remember Manor Garden Allotments

I thought I'd post a YouTube video documentary about the Manor Gardens Allotments in the UK.

I discovered this story about a year ago and thought I'd post it now while I'm thinking about it.
If you think the Olympic Games are "Friendly" or for "The People" you might reconsider your opinion after seeing this story! The Oppressive bureaucratic business machine that is the Olympics is far from friendly to the people who live anywhere near a proposed venue.

The Manor Gardens were in the way of a proposed Olympic site! What chance did the people have to save their sanctuary from the Greed and Grandiosity of an Olympic development committee?

(Warning: This is a pretty long video and may take some time to load!)


Cookiemouse said...

I remember this story. It's a typical NuLabour tale of corruption and vandalism. These gardens were a very special part of London. Who wants the stupid Olympics anyway?

disa said...
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