Thursday, March 26, 2009

Basil and the bean stalk

Well it sounds like a great title for a really interesting story but alas I have no time for creative imaginings! So the story is as simple as the title suggests. Beans and Basil...

snake beans
(Beans to the roof)

snake beans
(Beans 1ft long!)

I did however have time to pick some of the Snake beans that are growing abundantly outside my bedroom window! I combined them with some fresh basil, a sweet potato, some green curry paste, coconut milk and Chicken. (My apologies to my vegan friends... and the chicken whose life was sacrificed for sake of pleasing my palate) They made an excellent dinner.

snake bean, basil and sweet potato
(Beans, basil and sweet potato)

I have no images of the meal because in our house all hell breaks loose at dinner time. To take a photo at that time would have left me vulnerable to attack by marauding midgets and would definitely have invoked the wrath of a tired and hungry woman!


Judy said...

Once again, you had the same meal as us. This is quite freaky. We haven't had green curry chicken for ages, but today I did the first harvest of this season's snake beans (not as nice looking as yours), plus thai basil and sweet basil. To bulk it up, I added pak tsoi - no sweet potato for us unfortunately. Looks like you have a nice little kitchen garden happening.

Theresa said...

Those are some serious snake beans! I love eating locally, especially from my own yard.

David J said...

Oh yeh and I forgot to mention that the Sweet Potato also came from our garden! I was amazed that it grew actually.