Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Musing The Muse Tuning out from the News

Enough of the world! Let's muse some beauty!
Some songs have been haunting me lately so I thought hey let's listen to them and just fall in love with the sound.
Don't read too much into why I posted Veronica. I don't know anyone by that name I just like the song and particularly the way Elvis Costello sings/plays it. If you like it go out and buy it!
As for Nina... Well she just knocks me out so I have to share! You can go out and buy a few of her CD's too if you like. Ain't Got No is a great one to meditate on.

(Veronica: Elvis Costello)

(Between the Bars Madeleine Peyroux)

(Ain't Got No... I got Life Nina Simone)

new set of glasses...
(No spectacle... just a change of perception)

Time for a fresh set of glasses, I'll see what's before me through my own filtered lenses, so long as the music remains so good.

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