Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Patch Open Day

Today was another Patch Open Day.

I headed down there on my lunch break and was very pleased to see that The Patch is going from strength to strength! I can't begin to describe the beneficial vibes this place is putting out! I am always blown away by the sense of connection, belonging and purpose everyone has when they become part of the life of The Patch!

There were so many young people there today and all of them seemed to be completely engaged and actively creating a space where we all can flourish! What was really inspiring this time (as with every other time I've visited) was how the young men and women take on a sense of ownership and pride in the jobs they are doing and the space they are creating! This stuff is GOLD!

I won't bore you with a long story about why I think The Patch is so important or how I believe that it is projects like this that will lead our society towards a brighter more inclusive future. Towards interdependence and away from a destiny of social apathy and self interest.

Just have a brows through the images and enjoy the green, feel the peace, imagine the garden of sensory delights that is growing.

Garden Expansion and development
(New Permaculture project)

(Just another great banana tree)

(Snake: To be planted out with sweet potato)

Paving together - a mentoring process
(Paving: It's all about teamwork. Mentoring is a crucial element)

a scrub fairy dropped in
(This is a safe place for even the smallest of visitors)

winged beans
(Winged beans... I am not going to stop posting photos of these)

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