Tuesday, June 16, 2009

NT Gov policy on Carbon Emission Reductions?

What the....!???

lights on the roadside
Oh man! What are those lights shining in my eyes?

Light towers Leanyer water park
I had no idea they'd built a sports field near my home

Gate to water park Leanyer
Whoa hang on a minute thats not a sports ground!

Water slides at night
It's the chief minister's brand new White Elephant! The Leanyer Water Slides

water park all lit up
The whole place is lit up like a Christmas tree stacked with the landing lights of a 707 jumbo jet!
What the f--- is that all about?

I hadn't been there for a while and so never noticed that some very large and very bright sports ground type lighting had been installed at the Leanyer Water park. What on earth could they be for? That's what I'd like to know...
I can't think of any activities held there that could possibly require such heavy duty lighting. Besides which the park was closed! Please don't tell me they burn all that electricity just to keep the vandals out!

I think I'll go and check out the Territory Government Policy on Climate Change. They must have discovered a zero emission replacement for the Diesel generators they've been using to supplement Darwin's excessive power use.

I swear the lights in my eyes were so bright I could barely see the road in front of me! Maybe next they'll construct an enormous wall to reduce the glare!
(Good on you Northern Territory Government, that's really screwed up!)

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