Thursday, November 12, 2009

Leviathan, Taniwha or something far scarier?

A friend lent me the damnedest audio recordings, from a remarkable book, by the persona of a fella who possibly doesn't even exist; well not in the usual sense that we would expect anyway...

I'd be reading the book but besides being short on reading time and lazy I'm really enjoying listening to it.

If you've delved into the depths of the place I've been advised never to go alone then you may have caught a glimpse of the light that shines from behind the door... But like me you surely haven't kicked the door open or burst through the window!If you had you'd see right through these meaningless rants and move on.

If I were given the choice between the blue pill and the red pill, would the blue pill option still exist?
Soon I must read Moby-Dick... I grabbed the book a couple of years ago when I worked at the Uni Library. They'd closed down the English Department and the book served no purpose to the market driven curriculum. I saw it on a pile of discards and grabbed it. I read a few pages, my jaw dropped in wonder and I quickly stashed it in my bag to bring home and read, some time when I have time... It's been on my book shelf ever since!

Some times when we search for something our looking reveals ourselves to what we seek, the table turns and it sees us, somehow the roles are reversed! like the bird attracted to the tail of a snake that looks like a worm... Where will that book take me? I believe, as has been suggested, it is more than a nice piece of classic literature or a fine piece of period literature or a story about a White Whale or Whaling. I know where it goes but, why must I read it?

There are creatures lurking... Some we have slain more yet remain. Dare we seek them?

Below is a great song by SPLIT ENZ. Just like Tim, I don't want to sail! “…You can jump out midway but whatever made you get aboard in the first place will probably make you get aboard again.” Jed Mckenna


Cookiemouse said...

Saw the blue and red pills in a silent black and white video the other day. It was a tough choice.

David J said...

What film was that?

Cookiemouse said...

Matrix, the silent movie