Thursday, November 05, 2009

What Impact?

Climate meetings in Barcelona will be wrapping up tomorrow and in just one month World Leaders will be gathering in Copenhagen. The meetings in Copenhagen are supposed to be the place where the Governments of the World unite to answer the challenge laid out to them two years ago at talks in Bali where the "Bali Road Map" was created. As I recall that was when they stalled proceedings and claiming two years to consider their options. Now our time is up and our leaders must take real action to reduce worldwide CO2 emissions or we will face Runaway Global Warming.

Well the events held in 181 countries throughout the world have set a very determined and clear expectation for what many of us are aware is the necessary target for action. However it is highly unlikely that international targets will come anywhere near the commitment necessary for abating Global Warming or runaway Climate Change.

I have heard so many times, from too many people, that we are powerless to do anything about Global Warming, "There's nothing we can do that will make any difference..." there's nothing the average person can do to change the state of the world.
More commonly than not when the subject of climate change comes up I am bewildered by the indignant protagonists from the 'head in the sand' school of thought. "Oh the scientists will come up with something", "It's a lot of crap anyway the greenies just want to stop us driving our cars!"
I think these two remarks are saying is: 'How dare you challenge my illusion! I am happy in my beliefs and I will not have them questioned or challenged by party poopers or rational argument!

Anyway if you're interested in what we can do to make an Impact, assuming that by changing the individual we are changing a part of the world. Affecting those around us, sending revolutionary ripples across the surface of the lake of indifference and turning the tide on the seven seas of apathy!
There are heaps of books, videos and stories offering alternatives to the way we are currently living that would do a lot to help the human race reduce it's carbon emissions help the planet regenerate into the life giving organism we need it to be.

You might like to check out the book No Impact Man. The author Colin Beavan is no enlightened Eco Guru, he's not a scientist or a politician, he's not a spiritual leader and he doesn't hold any mystical secrets! He doesn't always get it right, he is not perfect. He's just an ordinary guy who decided he'd have a go at reducing his impact on the planet and proved that it not only can be done but it can make life even more enjoyable... Believe it. Or not.

I take from this book I resolved after having read the book rule No.1. Don't let the bastards convince you that you've no right to try just because you're human and may not always reflect every ideal you strive for! Basically Rule one says. "So you're gonna screw up... You'll make mistakes, you might even get some things wrong! You might chose the loosing team! So F--king What! Do it anyway!

After reading the No Impact Man Blog for about 2 years I was very keen to read the book when it was published. It has been and I ordered 2 coppies which arrived in the post about 2 months ago. They are now in circulation among my friends and are destined for a couple of local libraries. There is plenty we can do.

No Impact Man book
(2 copies of No Impact Man - currently being re-used)

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure..." (Marrianne Williamson A Return to Love)


Cookiemouse said...

We just need to keep trying. More people seem to be waking up.

David J said...

Yes... Let's not die in our sleep shall we?