Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A transition Decade

The cycling family

I've just participated in the No Impact Week as inspired by Colin Beavan's No Impact Man, Year. Although I couldn't get the whole family on board for every goal the whole thing is about change and mindfulness so even in our failures I would say the week has been a success.
There is still a long way for us to go and each of us will have to come to her own realizations when the time is right. However. The past week has seen less trash, more exercise, healthier food, less processed food, more cycling, more fun with the family, greater awareness of our potential to live softly on the earth!

From 2010 we go into a Transition Decade. A decade of enormous change and innovation. Looking at the innovative drawings my 5 year old is producing I am confident we will see huge leaps in technological solutions to the carbon dioxide problem.


Theresa said...

I'm glad you're an optimist! I consider myself an optimistic cynic, so I look on the bright side for the future but see the worst in the present, I guess... I'm hoping for a good transition decade! Transitioning to an animal-free lifestyle is a great move, however far you get. If you ever have questions, want recipes, or need moral support, feel free to leave me comments or send an email - I'm happy to help :)

David J said...

Well although there were some optimistic themes in this post I would not say I am one. Now is the time and we are the generation. We can choose to take decisive action or...
What will I do? That is the question I have to ask, so yes I will be on that side of the argument.
I find it very difficult to imagine us all making the enlightened changes that will be required to save our selves or the seed of humanity and countless other life forms from decimation. But clearly that is the side to be on.
Thanks for the encouragement to reduce meat consumption.