Thursday, April 23, 2015

I felt a trembling

"...They built a prison and it tempered in the sun
It rose up off a plateau like a last tooth in a gum..."

  (The Drones - Locust)

This week grief, depression, hopelessness, rage, sadness crept through every crack and crevice of the barely adequate spiritual blockades I’d erected around my torn soul and aching heart. I touched the deepest craving for oblivion and silence and threw myself out with the bathwater and sludge of 10,000 opinions of the greedy selfish mob, I cast myself naked to the great Whatever…! I asked for death and embraced it’s blank empty promise… As I peddled to work I felt the weight of malice and my rage consumed me. Tears dripped from my cheeks and flowed back across my face while my legs persisted against my will to continue on my way to work, tears in my ears and bloodshot eyes I sang hurt songs for Wisdom at the top of my voice and my dry throat hurt… I met with the Christian son of man and God they call Jesus ‘Christ’…

Memento Mori… MEMENTO MORI!.... memento mori. Not some day! NOW!

Grace… peace...  

My despair burned into my skin left the mark of a Celtic Cross on my back. Give up grief. fight FIGHT!

 Yesterday I met a fella who cheered me up... The answer? Spread the love!

Why did I feel so low?

Today the life of a small child is in our hands, she is not the only one but she is real and we have heard her story.. Her tiny hopeful body is in our Prison her mind and soul already tortured and enslaved, she is damaged and condemned to be broken for our sake.

It’s just down the road, not far from here where others like her are kept behind razor wire in preparation to be sent back to an unbearable and intolerable fate on a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean! Nauru… HELL!

It’s not new children have been sent there for a couple of years now at the pleasure of the Australian Government. What makes this child different is that they can no longer say this child will come to no harm! (We have the Moss Review on Nauru) We know she will. This is no time to sit back and read about it in the news. NOW is the time to make the news, break the silence TURN THE TABLES!

(Updated 24/04/15) 

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