Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Away to the sea

Seeking escape from the humdrum and grind of life, rather than taking time to pray or meditate my tendency is to absorb myself in fantasy. The romance of Bahamas and freedom loving pirate adventures is what's enthralled me over the past year.
While playing Assassins Creed Black Flag I fell in love with the sea shanties.
In Australia there's been a hell of a lot of condemnation of people who take to the open sea in the hope of finding freedom and safety abroad. They are judged as reckless and even as a threat to our national security. All kinds of cruelty has been justified in the name of saving them from themselves.
As I listen to this song I am reminded that it is the brave who take to the sea that have a chance of beating the constant threat to life and limb they would face if they stayed!

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