Sunday, September 06, 2015

Watching TV

Just spent the morning learning how to advocate in a rational way for people whose lives are at the mercy of a system run by despotic psychopaths.

I have to be realistic and admit... I can't fucking do it!

Over the past 3 days facebook and just about every media source on the planet has featured images of a little boy lying  dead, face down on a beach. Aylan Kurdi. It seems this image has shook the world. so it should. Compassion is beginning to flow due to wide exposure to the tragic image of this little boy (Thank God). Remember him, his mother and brother when you hear about asylum seekers and refugees, think of his father who only wanted to save his family and remember! There are 1,000s more who our country has turned it's back on. Can we now talk about a humanitarian response to the tragedy of war and displacement?

As I was writing this post an email popped into my inbox. This article by Natasha Blucher says it all.

If you've posted an image of this boy out of sympathy or, donated money or signed a petition, please don't let it stop at that! Hit the streets when you are called to stand up for human rights. Go and meet your local MP or at least write them a letter. Australia is engaged in some pretty evil shit right now and it's being done to children just like Aylan. We meet them every day but their faces can't be shown in the media. If you could only see how they suffer you might think twice about supporting the Australian Government's Border Force (farce) policies.

I left the training session feeling powerless. Came home and listened to Roger Waters and remember we've been through all this before. Apparently after the Tienanmen Square massacre Australia accepted about 40,000 asylum seekers. 

Attitudes in this country have changed a lot since then. What will we do this time?

(Warning: The following film-clip contains images of war and deceased people)

The Guys who built the dark satanic mills that manufacture hell on earth.

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