Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Who's the Goose and who is Jonny?

Right now there are folks out there, rich folks, powerful folks, and they're taking what's left of our dignity and justice and they're using it for toilet paper and good people who keep battling against the odds to appeal to the law for justice... But the bastards are the ones who write the laws... 

In this scene from Mad Max Goose's prisoner (Johnny the Boy) is let off coz no one showed at the trial. Witnesses too scared to give evidence. The scenario is based on a bad ass bike gang who have no respect for the law. The culprits are obviously criminal and considered 'the bad guys' by the audience... 

Well these aren't the thugs I'm talking about. The ones who are screwing us work for the guys who wear blue ties. And and just like in the movie people are afraid to give evidence because the Government will press charges against those who inform the public about what they do!

At those times I think of the words of Jim Goose from Mad Max... 
Jim Goose: "Jesus, Fifi. Fifi, Jesus. Look, they’re laughing at us! Can’t you see they’re laughing at us?"

P.S. 03.09.15
What I'm talking about here specifically is the fact that Transfield Services, the mob at the centre of abuse claims in the Nauru inquiry have been awarded a continuation of their contract to manage Australia's Immigration Detention Centres! See some info about it HERE


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