Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Alive for a moment on Wanguri earth

Many thanks to my Wanguri friends who shared their homeland at Dhalinybuy for a few short days while celebrating the recent translation of Mark's Gospel.

Wanguri Church leaders, translators and the UCA Northern Synod Moderator

Visiting Dhalinybuy was a much needed interlude, a chance to simply live and experience true fellowship among some treasured Yolngu peace makers.

Gospel of Mark translated into Wanguri Language

The people came down to the river for baptism... by the dozens!

Translators present Wanguri leaders with their work

We all jump in
Holy Communion of Ngathu (cycad nut) bread and Yirritja guku (honey)
Once again I am posting a few random photos from days spent in a special place which my words fail to describe. Long Live the Homeland Movement!

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