Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wet road

I traveled by bike on the wet road,
steam rose, traffic flowed,
Dodged the dodgy, flooded street gutters
broken bottles and mangled toads...

Passed the arse end of Darwin town, 

Shaggy bearded tramp of a bloke
wet trousers drag each stroke,
When you ride in the tropics you know the taste,
Stale sweat mixed with the rain
From my office I can role past St Vinnies lunch time queue
Stale bread, cold tea...
daytime TV
 volume maxed

I was headed for parliament
Wedding cake castle, ten minutes flat
tyre mud splashed on my back
 crotch chafed, humidity 80% 

The road and the towers were too much
I looked to my left to old One Mile camp,
Bereft and forgotten
Bulldozers ready for their final cut

No joy there...  I rode on

I arrived at Parliament
 just in time for the announcement.... 
The minister will not be joining us today.
Seems our leaders are a bunch of big girls blouses
To afraid to face the public, in case of greenies, and those damned rebel rousers!

"Toughen up Princess" 


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