Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Canisters of coffee tea and flour

There was a time when I had a job and houses were pretty cheap....

I didn't go for that.... Instead I spent my time riding round the country with scooter trash, that was fun.
Now I don't have "...a spare half a million."

But this song'll do! Thanks Courtney Barnett. 

My Grandparents lived in a California Bungalow in Coburg... I still remember those old tubs with tea sugar and flour written on them, I don't think anyone drank coffee back then.


D.Baxstar said...

Cool song David J and I know how it feels.

David J said...

LOL... yes well there's more to live than buying a house. Learn to play the guitar, write a few songs stick to your artistic pursuits and we'll all be richer for it. :)