Tuesday, September 20, 2016


Stringybark Woodland (sand palm in foreground)

Lately I have had the mixed fortunes of spending quite a bit of time outdoors.

I have had opportunity to wander through some local bushland which I feel a strong connection to and have also spent time sitting at the edge of the Nightcliff mangroves at dawn. 

I have taken some time to sit and watch people going about their busy lives, exercising, socializing, walking the dog, playing with their children and shopping. I have also had the chance to meet people for whom the circumstances of their lives have forced them into an outdoors lifestyle. It’s quite a tough life for some but amid the hassle, humbug and drudgery of life on the street there is compassion, camaraderie and at times beauty.

We have a lot of bush or ‘Longgrass’ camps around Darwin, each with it’s own code and culture. There’s a lot of grog out there too, a lot of madness, carnage and damage, but given the living conditions, probably far less trouble than you might imagine. 
A very clean camp, all rubbish piled up, sleeping ground swept clean every day.

This is not a sociology report and I prefer not to impose on people’s privacy by photographing the fascinating people I’ve seen or met. Just thought I’d post a few photos of the landscape I love.

Red Kurrajong (Brackychiton sp.)

Cocky apple (Planchonia careya)

paperbark semi wetlands, stunted growth of these trees

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