Monday, September 26, 2016

Pushing it

Sometime over the weekend, while I was not at work, my bicycle was stolen from the Church office in Parap. It was quite a nice bike, even though it was just a Kmart special, one of those single speed Fixies. I found it in the cyclone clean up pile one day, pushed it home, gave it a bit of a clean-up, a new inner tube and replaced the front brake calipers with a set I got for a bargain $5 at a local bike shop. All up the bike cost me $15 exactly! 
I'd come to rely on it over the past week and had become quite comfortable scooting swiftly around town on my new little rocket. No racks or baskets for carrying things, no gears to get distracted by just the absolute basics of peddles, chain, bar and saddle (Oh yeh and brakes). I delighted in the unencumbered agility of such a basic machine, this lairy little rocket with it’s green rims and purple tyres. However at the weekend I decided to leave it chained up at work so I could take old faithful home. Big mistake! When I got to work on Monday it was gone!
So now I’m in that peculiar space where I’m feeling a bit angry because I was stupid to leave it there and angry at being robbed... but not so much. I’m not so bothered by the loss as I would expect to be. I guess I’m a bit confused about how I actually feel about it at all. Actually, if I think about it, I'm not really bothered at all. Just for an exercise in dribble here are the thoughts that come to mind when I think about the bike. 

  • I really liked that bike 
  • I shouldn’t have left it there 
  • I wanted to sell that bike 
  • I could have given it to someone who needs a bike 
  • I wonder who stole it and why 
  • I wonder if they actually needed a bike (I really hope so. If they need a bike and look after it they can have it with my blessing) 
  • I bet it was some user who doesn’t give a shit about other people and just took it because they felt like it and think they can just take stuff from other people any time they like! 
  • I should be angry about this 
  • I’m not angry 
  • I hope thieves don’t s start hanging around trying to steal things from my workplace 
  • I wish the people I give bikes to would look after them and appreciate them 
  • It’s only some old bit of trash someone chucked out on their junk pile 
  • Why do people throw away useful and beautiful things 
  • I’m glad I had the experience of riding that bike 
  • I like my old bike 

This week Bill Mollison the father of Permaculture died, I never met him but have seen him, read some of his writing, yada yada yada... I like his style, he was a cheeky, cranky old Wisefool. 

I recently heard that an old lady I knew died, her name was Mary, she’d reached a very respectable old. 
Yesterday Aunty Alice… (we called her that but she was actually the mother of my Father’s Brother’s wife. Not sure what Anglo /Celt name is for that relationship…. We just called her Alice, the Aunty bit was an unspoken, unofficial title, or maybe that's the official formal way to address such relations, I don't know)… died. I liked Alice, I will miss her. 

Bikes are fun to ride, possibly even fun to steal…. I like fixing them and getting them to do what they were made to do... In the end they just transient mechanical devices for our transport and amusement. 
I love the living things, the people, plants creatures and places, my heart is with those who live and who have lived.


GreenComotion said...

Sorry David.
This has got to be painful.
May the right bike find you again.
Peace :)

David J said...

Nah. Just a funny little interlude.