Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Preview DVD on VHS

Remember when your VHS was getting old and you were trying to weigh up the pros and cons of replacing the VHS player vs investing in the new format 'DVD'? 
When DVD came out they promoted it heaps on rental videos by comparing VHS with DVD in a side by side comparison.... ON VHS! 
You're watching a VHS tape and the add comes on and you see the comparison and you're convinced that DVD is so much better based on what you've just watched and you watched it on a VHS tape! 
It's frigging crazy right?

Then when Blue Ray came out they did the same comparison to show you what you're missing if you don't upgrade from your DVD player! What is wrong with this picture??
HA! What a crack up. I used to drive my wife crazy pronouncing that now I've seen the difference I've got to go out and get me one of them new fangled Blue Ray thingimabobs!

Oh well it's just one of those peculiar things I entertain myself with from time to time. Pointless nonsense really!

Here; let Lynda Carter entertain you while you compare for yourself.



Chandra@GreenComotion said...

I often wonder what to do with some of the old 3.5" floppy disks that I still have.
They have some FORTRAN programs that I used while in school.
Yes, I did say the F-word in this day and age! :)

I have a Blue Ray player, which I think I bought, so I can stream movies.
Have I used it for that very purpose?
Well, you know the answer.

Have a Happy Week, David!
Peace :)

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, I love it, we're so absurd, such SUCKERS aren't we? :D

David J said...

Ironically the day I posted that, we were watching a fairly mediocre, 'DVD' (yet a surprisingly crisp image) on our 'Blue Ray' player and just before the end of the film the two main characters started talking about Lynda Carter! WTF! Who even remembers Lynda Carter? Sometimes things like that happen to me and I receive it as a kind of sign that there is something way messed up out there in the universe with the power to turn reality or the logical order of things on it's head, if it so chooses. What's the practical purpose for serendipity anyway? Usually I accept those moments as a kind of encouragement to step out in faith because sometimes things just line up that way... But seriously!? What useful course of action can I embark on based on this seemingly meaningless coincidence?