Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The chair

Kitchen chair

Almost a year ago I brought home a chair from the tip. I promised Sam that by the coming wet season I would have it restored to some kind of usable condition. I also posted to the blog that I'd be doing this in an attempt to spur on a creative surge that would lead to me accomplishing great things. Well I'm pleased to say that after nearly a year I have started to sand back the paint off this old chair. Stay tuned for more developments!

The Rhino and the turtle.
My daughter has some toys from a range known as little people. This Rhino is part of the set. When I saw him I was surprised to see a turtle on his back! What is that all about? Rhinos live in the savanna on dry land. There wouldn't be too many aquatic terrapins out there, even if there was I doubt any of them could sneak up close enough to jump on the back of a Rhinoceros. If it were possible for a terrapin to sneak up on the Rhino it would have to be able to jump higher than a frog to get onto its back. I suppose a terrapin could theoretically wander up an embankment that Rhino may happen to pass closely by and then quite by chance or some bizarre evolutionary design step onto the back of a Rhino as it came near. I believe this scenario is highly unlikely and still doesn't explain why the turtle was so far away from his pond in the first place.

Rhino with turtle?

I propose that the solution is more simple. The good folk at Fis*er-P*ice who make these toys have made a mistake. Surely they have mistaken a Rhino for a Hippo! They are both large gray animals but a Hippo is broad and fat and lives in the water and a Rhino is more angular, has a great horn on the front of his head and lives on dry land. A hippo is a much more likely candidate for giving piggy back rides to small green pond dwellers. I'm sure the company must have been told about their error already but I'll try and contact them to see what they have to say. The honor of plastic rhinos throughout the world may be at stake!

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