Sunday, April 01, 2007

Fuzzy headed

I've finally realized why I don't have any energy for my usual activities lately! My busy schedule has just about warn me down and I'm totally over this business of going to school too! I will not discuss the futility of the course I am studying except to say that I should probably be reconsidering my choices before the qualification I am working towards is made totally redundant by a script writer somewhere in information technology land.
I've had a headache for the past 2 weeks and have finally conceded that it isn't going to go away on it's own. I am quite sure now the pain is connected to a filling I got about a month ago. I had been bearing it for ages but by Friday afternoon I just snapped! I have made an appointment with the Dentist for Monday morning and have even turned to codeine for pain relief! Something I have not touched in over eight years. I'm feeling a bit fuzzy headed but at least it has taken the edge off!

I had been really agitated and grumpy for the past week and couldn't figure out why. Now that I have realized it is the pain I have given myself a bit of a break and am avoiding stressful situations, I don't want to wind up ranting any more than usual!

Did you know that good teeth are a major factor in the survival of most mammals and that a perfectly healthy animal will die when it's teeth give out? This includes human beings! My teeth are so crap that in the wild under natural conditions I possibly wouldn't have lived much beyond 27 years old! Unless of course I could find someone willing to pre-chew my food so it would be soft enough for me to digest! Thank goodness for modern dentistry and temporary pain relief!

So anyway there's not a great deal more to tell. I took the family (including our dog) for a walk down at Holmes Jungle yesterday morning, there was a lot of water and we had a great time splashing in puddles. The dog enjoyed the outing as she has been confined to the yard for way too long. I have no capacity for whit or even sarcastic humor today. I am totally distracted by my own discomfort so you'll just have to look at the pretty photos!

dragonfly on rock
Dragonfly on stones

Speargrass seeds
Spear grass in seed

pink flower
A pink flower I can't remember it's name it is a native don't humbug me I'm feeling sick! (P.S. According to Brock's Native Plants of Northern Australia they're called Vigna vexillata; no common name offered)


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Ian said...

Hang in there, mate :-)

FWIW I've always reckoned, fuggedabout bricks and mortar, kudos to all dentists; teeth are the best investment ya can ever make!