Thursday, April 26, 2007

Coffee on computer

Yesterday morning my daughter spilled a full cup of coffee on my computer keyboard! The system shut down immediately! I was sure it was ruined but wanted to try and fix it anyway!
I turned the keyboard upside down and let the coffee drain out, only to find that the keys were all sticking. So I unscrewed it and pulled it apart (very interestingly made). I then threw the keyboard and the soft latex or silicon button pad in a bath tub full of water and let them soak for about half an hour. I then shook as much water out of them as I could and hung them on the clothes line to be dried in the warm wind.
The circuit pad had three layers and coffee had managed to infiltrate the spaces between them and stick them together. I wiped these down with a wet cloth then wiped away excess water and separated then with pegs then left them to dry.
When everything was dry and I had tested the keys to make sure they didn't stick I put the whole thing back together and it now works beautifully! That was fun!

At 5:00am Mum and I drove in to the Esplanade and attended the ANZAC day Dawn Service. I think this was Mum's first. This year our administrator The Honorable Mr Ted Egan gave a very stirring speech about Simpson and his donkey and commented on how humanity can triumph in the face of so much evil. He then sang for us and the memory of those who had lost their lives in war. Thanks Ted you are a True statesman and a benevolent friend to us all!

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