Monday, January 05, 2015

In the cool we ride

Here in the Top End of Australia the humidity and heat can make outdoor activities very uncomfortable, fortunately though we get relief when the Monsoons arrive.

On Wednesday last week (New Year’s Eve) they arrived and things have cooled down a lot. Although the monsoon brings a lot of rain, there are also quite long spells between downpours and if you can get the timing right you could discover that this is the absolute best time of all for cycling. The weather is cool, the roads and cycle paths aren’t so crowded with tourists and, unless there’s a cyclone brewing, there isn’t much wind around.

My mate Michael, who suffers from some fairly serious lumber pain prefers to ride a single speed beach cruiser with ape hanger handle bars, which gives him a very upright riding position. I have a cruiser myself which I love but I tend only to use it as a delivery bike during election campaigns these days.
With Michael daring to ride further afield each week I’ve had the opportunity over the Christmas Break to join him. To keep the pace fair, I’ve decided to ‘join the club’ and ride my single as well.

Our ride last Friday was a 50km round trip, most of which was along bicycle paths until we reached the back blocks of Howard Springs. I forgot to bring a water bottle, something I would never have gotten away with in the dry season… or on a hotter day.

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