Sunday, January 11, 2015

Staying on topic

Start of a new year. Time for a brief review of this space
Q: What is this?
A: This is a blog I started writing back in 2006 before many other forms of social media. Rather than focusing on a specific topic or subject I chose to make this a general musing space for various ideas. The name was inspired by a the idea that I see things through the lenses of my own cultural experience, whatever that is. Without knowing exactly what my cultural self is I named the blog based on what my culture is not. I used the word Balanda because it is a specific name given by a people I know who come from a very defined culture to those who aren't from that culture (foreigners... specifically white colonial foreigners). From time to time I have used the blog for social and environmental activism but it has not held to a particular theme. There are a lot of posts about bicycles or cycling but this is not a cycling blog. 

Q: What is it for? 
A: Logging my thoughts, ideas, hopefully one day a platform for me to practice writing or to show anything creative or interesting I may do in the future.... Still waiting for that to happen.

Q: Who is it for?
A: This blog is primarily for my own reflection and an attempt to communicate with like minded people.

Q: Who reads it? How many? Is that important? 
A: I read over old posts sometimes and my mum used to but I think she lost interest.

I currently have 16 followers but most of those joined about 5 years ago and I'd say of those there is currently only one following this blog. (That'd be you Chandra). I used to get a lot more hits before people stopped 'browsing' the internet. But since fb and other social media sites started I'd say I get very few browsers drop by. There's a consistent spattering of hits per page, I reckon half of them were me but I'm not prepared to look into it and find out for sure!

No it is not important. I would like to write interesting posts but the way my mind functions lately this is light years away from possible right now.... However if I did write something worth reading, I'm wondering if anyone would find it anyway... This raises more questions about the nature of internet use than it does about the worthiness of my writing. I think Blogging as such is not a bad thing. Although it is a somewhat narcissistic activity it is also a means of introspective self discovery (albeit public), and a reasonable way of developing written expression.

Q:Who do I want to read it? Why do I want them to read it? 
A: I would like the people who are interested in the things I am interested in to read this blog... However since it is such an eclectic muddle of botched ideas, rants and dribble which never holds to a particular topic it is extremely likely that whatever audience I attract with one post I am likely to offend or bore with the next, therefore effectively alienating my entire audience and possibly running into a deficit of readership, which I may have already done since I no longer bother to proof read any of my posts prior to publishing nor do I tend to read them once I've done so in essence I may have stopped reading the dang thing myself!

Q: What to do next?
A: Well I think I think I'll try to write 100 posts in a year, regardless of how weak the writing or dull the topic. I will continue to publish as a dilettante without any particular calling, I won't bother trying to hold the attention of any particular interest groups and so am content to remain obscure and unnoticed.

If you're reading this and would like to make a constructive suggestion for how I can make this blog more interesting without risking my mediocrity please make a suggestion. Anything abusive or if I don't like what you suggest won't be published. ;) Cheerio.

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