Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Long grass sinking

Long Grasser by Geoff McKenzie

There's a freedom you can't buy and a slavery you can't buy your way out of

There are a 1,000 sails calling me to sea and a crack in the earth keeping me here

I hug the earth

A bed of cans and foil plastic pillow

drinking sinking, no sailing today


Chandra said...

Nice drawing, David and very fine sentiments!
Is a beard in the works?
Peace :)

David J said...

Yeh My friend Geoff painted it. A lot of people live rough in the 'long grass' around Darwin, it's a rough life for many.
He painted this several years ago and submitted it to our local show (agricultural show/ local art etc...) They rejected it claiming it not to be on topic. The topic was 'Darwin Topical'. I think they were looking for touristic work