Thursday, March 05, 2015

A possible upgrade

If you're into the history of the Xtracycle brand then you've probably heard of this fella Kipchoge.
He and a bunch of his musician friends had a crazy idea to ride their Extracycles from Northern California to Belize performing music powered entirely by human and pedal power everywhere they stopped along the way.
OK I'm still waiting for my copy of the film 'Ginger Ninja's Ride Mexico' or 'Stuck on Earth: Going where no band has gone before.' (As promised via Kickstarter 5 YEARS AGO!)

No hard feelings about that by the way, but I'd really like to at least see the damn film whatever you decided to call it in the end!

Anyway back to what the post was actually about. Kipchoge has just posted a video on Youtube which features a bike a bit like what I ride and an interesting story about a fella who charges his electric powered bike using solar power.

The point of my post is to consider if I want to install an electric motor on the Long Bike and would it be possible for me to charge it via solar panels.

Seriously Kipchoge I don't care about the kickstarter stuff, I'll buy a copy of the film... I just want to see it!

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