Monday, March 30, 2015


Below is a speech made by the Australian Author Tim Winton regarding the cruel treatment of refugees under Australian Immigration Detention laws.. I have spent time with refugees in the Darwin camps and I have seen the suffering our Country has caused.
 I have witnessed the wrong doing of my Government, it's policies and its agents and I reject them! 

Palm Sunday event Nightcliff Jetty (image courtesy of DASSAN facebook)

Until we are all free , none of us are free

" To those in power who say they're exiling and caging children for their own good, I say we've heard that nonsense before. So, don't do it in my name.
To those who say they're prolonging misery to save life, I say I've heard that nonsense before. You don't speak for me; I don't recognise your perverse accountancy.
To those in power who say the means will justify the end, I say I've heard that nonsense before. It's the tyrant's lie. Don't you dare utter it in my name.
To those who say this matter is resolved, I say no. For pity's sake, no. For the love of God, no. A settlement built on suffering will never be settled. An economy built on cruelty is a swindle. A sense of comfort built upon the crushed spirits of children is but a delusion that feeds ghosts and unleashes fresh terrors.
If current refugee policy is common sense, then I refuse to accept it. I dissent. And many of my countrymen and women dissent alongside me..
Because the secret won't hold. It's out already. There are witnesses. There will be testimony. We will remember. In another time, and very soon, I think, our common sense will be nonsense. And you'll have to ask yourself, was it worth it? This false piece of mind, this stopping of the boats. Was it worth the price paid in human suffering? You're not alone; the rest of us will have to face it, too.
We're losing our way. We have hardened our hearts. I fear we have devalued the currency of mercy. Children have asked for bread and we gave them stones. So turn back. I beg you. For the children's sake. For the sake of this nation's spirit. Raise us back up to our best selves. Turn back while there's still time."


David J said...
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David J said...

While the Australian Government is claiming victory by stopping the boats... and foreign refugees still languish in prison Islands in the pacific the Australian Government has turned it's eye on it's age old enemy... The Original People of this land. (decisively) planned closure of Aboriginal Homeland communities will create a new wave of internal refugees. Now that they have perfected the art of the destruction of the Human Spirit on their "Irregular Maritime Arrivals" they are now ready to recommence their unfinished business of the destruction of Aboriginal communities. I'm sure the Australian public will be right behind them after all they are well practiced in believing BS and seem all to keen to demonize others... Any 'OTHERS' will do.