Saturday, March 28, 2015

FreeLoaders welcome

Last year when I went to Melbourne to join the Great Victorian Bike ride I dropped into the Cargocycles store in Collingwood, where I met the owner and he showed me his awesome collection of electric cargo bikes and other useful stuff we don't see here in Darwin.

The reason for my visit was to get replacement bags for my Xtracycle, not many places in Australia stock them. I think the bags (called FreeLoaders) may have gone out of production. I would have liked to have tried to make my own but I haven't used a sewing machine in years, don't have a sewing machine and don't have the time so... I ordered a new set from Garry at Cargocycles and stuffed them into my crowded tool shed until the bike was ready.

Long bike with FreeLoaders attached

Now that I've got a new bottom bracket, the bike is ready. FreeLoaders attached. Ready for some cargo hauling action!

First ride with the new BB, Drive train is much stronger than before but I need a new gear shifter and cable.

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