Monday, March 09, 2015

Long bike rescue... pt 2

OK I changed the title, Big deal.
I've decided to post the progress of fixing the long bike here on account of I want the Rickshaw Way blog to be focused more about utility bikes and rickshaws in action... not all being pulled apart. 
(Is blogging about what I'm blogging about just a little too boring? Ha!)

Back to the bike.

Progress so far.

This morning on the way to work I dropped into the bike shop and had a chat with the master mechanic. He reckons it's too much hassle to try and re-cut the thread to suit a french style thread, because it's a bit of a gamble and he doesn't have any bottom brackets to suit anyway. But apparently there's some other bottom bracket thing that slides in and is fixed by external mounts... No idea what it's called or how it's going to work or if it will even fit but it's time to do something and make a decision so I figured I'd strip the bike down and take it to the bike shop to see what they can do.

longbike deconstruction begins

 I started stripping her at dusk but had to help the kids with homework and found myself dropping nuts and bolts in the dark. So I took the whole mess inside. No my wife wasn't home... yes there is now grease on the floor.

I got most of the stuff off it except all the bits that were rusted on.
Just an old Raleigh frame with a bung bottom bracket
No turning back now!

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