Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The commute begins

The commuter
Shadow of the commuter on a field of green

Today was my first class at Palmerston Campus, about 20 km ride from work. I made it there just in time for class but was sweating profusely. With no shower in sight It was a hard job trying to mop up all that sweat with my wet T-shirt and paper towels . I staggered into class 15 minutes late still red faced and dripping with sweat! It's going to take some time before I am able to do this ride with ease! I've decided to call an end to my chocolate and 3 coffees breakfasts, may even stop drinking Pepsi Max, reduce the pizzas and get some fresh stuff into me. Could even start eating vegetables and fruit again! A glass of cool fresh water always tastes better when I've put in a bit of physical effort. If it stops the heart palpitations and jitters I get from merely walking up a flight of stairs these days it's gotta be worth it right?

In a tight spot
On Monday I discovered a young Rose-crowned Fruit-Dove on the balcony at work. The poor fella must have flown into a window and was sitting stunned on the tiles for most of the day. I wanted to save it but knew it would be stressful for the bird and decided to leave it alone on the balcony where it was reasonably protected. These are beautiful and shy birds that I have only ever seen in the coastal vine thickets. I wonder how he came to be on the balcony of a building separated from favorable habitat by carparks and other open spaces? Many forest birds have an absolute aversion to open country and avoid open spaces at all cost. I sat for a minute watching the bird through the window and feeling quite sad, knowing that it must be feeling very vulnerable out in the open so far from the safety of a forest canopy.
When I went back at the end of the day to collect him I was kind of glad to find him gone. At least he didn't die on the balcony so far from the forest and I could imagine that he would survive and find his way back to where he belonged.

Rose-crown Fruit-dove
Rose-crowned Fruit-dove (well kind of) not where he belongs

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