Monday, February 19, 2007

Extreme Sport in extreme cold

The Susitna 100 is still going and more than half of the entrants are yet to cross the finish line but I am glad to say that the two entrants I have been watching have completed the course and in excellent time!
As I have never done anything like this race and am flat out just commuting a few miles I now view all who have as my heroes! What a phenomenal effort! Well done guys and good luck to those who have not yet finished.
Over the weekend I have been keeping a close eye on the Susitna results page, weather forecast for Anchorage (I think that's the closest City) and the local time (In Anchorage). As time ticked by, day turned to night and the mercury dropped to 10 degrees f /-12 c. I began to realize the true meaning of the word endurance! I even prayed that the people out there would be safe, I can't imagine myself surviving in that kind of cold after hours of racing! Actualy I can't envisage myself riding a bike for that long!

If you're interested in the times check out the results page Here. The one and only Australian competitor Paul Lester made an awesome time and finished at 01:38 with an elapsed time of 16:38 putting him amongst the fastest! Jill from Juneau completed the race with an elapsed time of 20:50 and was home by 05:50. She was the third woman to cross the line! What a triumphant effort and a great result! It must have been so tough out there at night.

I reckon I would have been wishing for a pair of ruby slippers if I was out there!

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